About The Exhibition

In today's world where borders have disappeared and the world has become a kind of “Panopticon”, as senior students of Istanbul Bilgi University Visual Communication Design (VCD) Program, we would like you to "watch" us through our digital exhibition. We wish you to see our work that we have produced with great devotion for a year in this exhibition, which is prepared with the contributions of each senior student.

Concept of The Exhibition

Online exhibition from Bilgi University. As senior year students of the Visual Communication Design (VCD) Program, we have been coming together with our identity that defines us for four years. We are all different from each other, but we are just as similar and close. All contrasts are our most important values that unite us. As VCD senior students, we are excited to create a space where we can be together with all our guests this year. We shaped this online space under the concepts of "surveillance - be spied on" with the "Panopticon" 1 model. The thought that we can be with you in this online graduation exhibition with the concept of “exceeding our limits” is our greatest motivation. In this context, today we reach you from a world where we have no borders. Together with you, we aim to bring a new perspective to the "Panopticon" model on this platform. Together with you,we are bringing a new perspective to the concept of Panopticon on this platform.While you are looking at the concepts of surveillance and surveillance that we have created from a different perspective, we will look at this concept with you from a realphase but also from a place full of reflections. In this world where surveillance will exist in a virtual environment instead of a prison, we come across as digital entities willing to be surveillance and surveillance On the other hand; in the background, from where we contacted you or from where you contacted us is also learned by others. This shows that most of our data and information is accessible and available for interception. Where do we contact you? How much time do we spend with you? No matter how voluntary or reluctant we are, the "panopticon" model continues to operate in different ways in the digital age. At this point, the contrast we talked about in the digital age of the 21st century arises, and these two opposing worlds make up a huge whole. We remove our firewall with the profiles we define and contact you. When we exist on this platform at the same time, we will all be parts of a great whole. As we end our education life with an "observant" perspective, we would like to thank all the guests who joined us.